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Join 24300+ Presenters

"Worked like a charm! Got accepted for the job!"

-Lawson N.

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Always Have A New Surprise For Your Audience


Captivate Your Audience

Engage your audience and keep them entertained by subverting their expectations

  • Leverage pattern interrupts

  • Lightens the mood

  • Provides visual interest


Boost Your Confidence

Your secret weapon to a memorable presentation. And the work is already done for you!

  • Creative animations

  • Easy to use

  • Can work in almost any presentation

  • People will think you're awesome


Lighten The Mood

Being professional doesn't mean you can't make someone smile. What's more important than being professional? Being memorable.

  • Adds levity

  • Breaks the tension

  • Enables more creative thinking


What Others Are Saying About Us

It works really really well and I earned a good laugh from my fellow colleagues. I will use it again in another presentation.

Rajangren R.

It is amazing and honestly really fun to use in presentations.

Kevin N.

I was in a group project and I added the slide without telling them and when we started the presentation, they were shocked. My teacher was laughing very hard.


It made my co-workers dumb founded when they saw the presentation. Man you guys should have seen their faces. I wanted to see that for a very long time cuz it was really boring for me to do a presentation ever since I became the director of presentations but I like it now since this practical jokes came 😊


The screen brightness malfunction animation was exactly what I needed for my annual IT presentation at work. This was a great way to engage my non-IT colleagues as we reflected on the work of the IT department over the last year and the projects being planned for the next year. With the high quality animations and fast turnaround on creating the animation on our company background I will definitely be watching to see what animations I can use in a future presentation.


I held a presentation about a backup procedure so your "Cntrl+Delete" animation was a great way to grab the audience right from the start. I got the feedback that some people were "suffering alongside me" until the file caught fire, so all in all a great success 😊


It’s great, I was able to make my slideshow WAY more fun for my class presentation, thanks a bunch!

Burak A.

It was great, I really enjoyed the animation, I recently shared it with my class and they were in awe! Thank you for your work and dedication towards making boring PowerPoint Presentations fun and enjoyable all around the globe!


It went great. Everybody laughed at it and I loved it so much, thank you.

Logan B.

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"It went great. Everybody laughed at it and I loved it so much, thank you."

Logan B.

"It is amazing and honestly really fun to use in presentations."

Kevin N.

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"Worked like a charm! Got accepted for the job!"

-Lawson N.

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